COVID-19 Antibody Testing

REVERSE Mind and Body is the first Health and Wellness practice in Lubbock to bring a COVID-19 antibody test. IgM and IgG, two types of antibodies, will be detected by this serology test. IgM antibodies are produced as the first response to a new infection, and IgG antibodies are produced later in the body’s response. This non-invasive test is exceptionally swift, only requiring fifteen minutes to perform. During the test, a member of the REVERSE team will prick your finger at the REVERSE drive-thru window and will deliver your results to you in fifteen minutes. The simplicity of the process means that you will complete all of the paperwork online, and will not be required to leave your car during the test. 

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • FDA Emergency Use Authorized
  • CE Marked
  • Private Results
  • All forms and payments will be completed online

Call (806) 686-0699 for details or to schedule an appointment.