New Hormone Diet

How does the new hormone diet work?

New Hormone Diet Program combines a customized very low calorie diet with specific medical dosing of a natural protein hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This protein appears to help the body sustain lean body mass while dieting.

Your diet will be customized based on your current weight, age, sex and weight loss goals. Our team will generate your diet plan and counsel you on the initiation and progress of your diet. Every aspect of your weight loss program is personalized.

The Benefits of the New Hormone Diet

  • Sustained muscle and lean tissue
  • Reported anecdotal loss of appetite
  • There is no limit to how long you can be on the diet
  • Very low occurrence of rebound, no dependency and a positive effect on metabolism


The New Hormone Diet All-Inclusive Package

As a patient you will receive the following for one single cost:

  • Physical Exam and
  • Medical Evaluation, Blood Work and EKG
  • 30 days of Medication
  • On-going Weigh-ins and Dietary Counseling
  • Emma’s Diet Guide and Daily Food Journal
  • reverse mind body’s Cookbook
  • Daily Food Diary
  • Daily Email for Diet and Exercise

*Individual Results May Vary

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