ORBERA® Balloon

Lose weight non-surgically with the world’s #1 FDA approved weight loss balloon. If you have a BMI 30-40 and a weight loss goal of 20-50 pounds. Orbera may be right for you.

This is how it works in 4 easy steps:

  1. Placing the balloon. The entire non-surgical, outpatient procedure takes about 20 minutes by our Board Certified Medical Doctor.
  2. Changing your habits. For the next six months the Orbera® balloon is inside your stomach, reducing the amount you can eat, and re-training your brain to better anticipate when your stomach is getting full. During this time you will have weekly complimentary access at REVERSE to use one of our modalities each week. This includes NuCalm, Normatec compressions, Infrared Sauna, Cryotherapy and Hydromassage bed.
  3. Removing the Balloon. After you’ve had six months to change the way you eat and work with the REVERSE team to improve your nutrition, the balloon is removed. The simple and non-surgical procedure is very similar to the placement process, only taking 20 minutes.
  4. Continued Support and Coaching. For the remaining six months of the program, you’ll continue working closely with our team at REVERSE to follow a personalized diet.

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CareCredit and Financing available.